B Corp for a Better Life

FAMILY HISTORY Bonduelle Fresh Americas achieved B Corp™ certification, taking the first big step towards Bonduelle Group’s goal of obtaining B Corp certification for all business units by 2025. Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

La familia se agranda

Bistro salads

FAMILY HISTORY Ready Pac Foods, the leader in individually portioned salads in the United States joins the Bonduelle family bringing on 3,500 more employees and 4 production plants and a history of innovation including packaging that keeps leafy greens fresh and the Bistro Bowl.

Construye un futuro mejor

VEGEGO! photo of healthy foods

FAMILY HISTORY For the 160th anniversary, Bonduelle revealed its VEGEGO project, a detailed roadmap that will enable to group to become the world leader in healthy living through vegetables (2025 objective). At the same time, Bonduelle published its website, fully dedicated to Sustainable Development.

Expansión global

bonduelle canned foods with vegetables

FAMILY HISTORY Bonduelle expanding all over the world & creation of Louis Bonduelle Foundation – dedicated to sustainable eating habits on an international level.

Nace una marca

Bonduelle black and white old school photo

FAMILY HISTORY Bonduelle becomes a brand. Business was going extremely well. Since 1946, Bonduelle peas were selling faster than they were being grown and canned. Demand started exceeding supply! In 1947, models were designed for tin-plate printing. In July, Bonduelle branded cans were stocked on French supermarket shelves.

Cuando todo comenzó

Louis-Antoine Bonduelle-Dalle & Louis Lesaffre-Roussel

FAMILY HISTORY Louis-Antoine Bonduelle partnered up with Louis Lesaffre-Roussel to found a juniper berry distiller, their first venture, which led to another distillery, a malt house, a sugar refinery and a pea canning business. “Bonduelle peas” was the very first campaign run, in 1926.