Through its commitment to the planet, food and humanity, Ready Pac Foods, Inc. (“Ready Pac”), a BONDUELLE company, proposes a sustainable development project, ensuring that meeting the needs of the current generations does not deprive future generations of meeting theirs.

Accordingly, Ready Pac requires its Suppliers to conform to standards of business practices which are consistent with the following standards, and hereby reserves the right to make periodic inspections of Supplier’s facilities to satisfy itself of Supplier’s compliance with these Code of Conduct (“Code”).


The supply of goods or services to Ready Pac, in fact, imply adherence to the Code by Supplier, subcontractor, agent or service provider, whether a natural or legal person, wherever in the world, and whether or not its relationship with Ready Pac has been formalized (hereinafter referred to individually or collectively as Supplier(s)).

No deviation from this Code will be tolerated by Ready Pac.

Supplier shall therefore ensure, throughout the relationship with Ready Pac, that its conduct is consistent with this Code.

In the event of breach of this Code by Supplier, Supplier shall incur contractual liability. Where applicable, it shall be subject to the immediate termination of relations, on the grounds of its exclusive fault, without notice, or compensation, without prejudice to any rights or remedies that Ready Pac reserves the right to assert or exercise.

Depending on the nature of the breach of the rules of ethics, Supplier shall also be subject to legal, civil or criminal proceedings, particularly in the event of corruption or influence peddling.


Ready Pac acknowledges that compliance with the principles and values set out in this Code is a dynamic process. Each Supplier is encouraged to continuously improve its operations and methods.


Supplier undertakes to comply with the following fundamental rules:

1. Compliance with Conventions, International Treaties and Regulations

1.1. Supplier must always comply with all applicable legal and regulatory provisions and all contractual provisions as agreed between Supplier and Ready Pac.

1.2. Supplier represents and warrants that (i) it is a legal entity duly organized and in good standing under the laws of the state (or other governmental entity) of its organization, with full capacity to sue and to be sued; (ii) it is authorized to enter into and be bound by the terms of this Code; and (iii) neither this Code nor Supplier’s performance hereof shall be a violation of any applicable law or the terms of any material contract, instrument or agreement to which Supplier is subject.

1.3. Supplier acknowledges that it complies with the legal requirements and national standards and laws of the countries in which it operates, including the labor law regulations of these countries.

1.4. Ready Pac will only collaborate with Suppliers that agree to comply with the requirements of this Code and the general principles enumerated in:

1.5. Where Supplier is subject to other applicable law or regulations in regards to the principles and values under this Code, the most binding provisions shall apply to Suppliers. Where this Code conflicts with any applicable law or regulations, Supplier must comply with the applicable law or regulations.

2. Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labor

The use of forced labor, slavery, or people trafficking by Supplier, whether through the use of violence or intimidation, or by more subtle means such as debt manipulation, retention of identity documents or threat of reporting to the immigration authorities is strictly prohibited. Supplier represents and warrants that the Supplier will at all times comply with laws of the United States, applicable state laws in the United States, and of countries where it does business which prohibit human trafficking or slavery, will not use forced or compulsory labor, and will ensure that the overall terms of employment are voluntary. Supplier shall only use legitimate and reputable recruitment agencies, which are properly licensed to operate under applicable laws.

3. Prohibition of Child Labor

3.1. Child labor, depriving children of their childhood, potential and dignity or affecting their physical or mental development is strictly prohibited.

3.2. The minimum age of minor workers is specified by local laws and/or international standards defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

3.3. Suppliers must comply with all age-related working restrictions as set by local law and adhere to international standards as defined by the ILO regarding age- appropriate work.

3.4. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 must not be employed at night or under conditions dangerous to their health, safety or morality.

4. Salaries, Working Hours and Overtime

4.1. Supplier shall provide remuneration in accordance with local law, on a regular basis and in compliance with all regulations relating to the welfare benefits resulting from the law or an individual or collective agreement.

4.2. Overtime must be voluntary and must always be paid at the statutory rate.

4.3. Supplier shall not permit working hours that exceed the applicable legal limit.

5. Freedom of Association and Freedom of Expression

Supplier undertakes to respect the freedom of association of each individual and the freedom of collective bargaining of workers, consistent with all applicable laws.

6. Health, Safety and Hygiene

Supplier must provide its workers with a working environment that ensures health and safety, whether this is physical, mental or social well-being. It shall train its employees in safety. Where applicable, Supplier shall provide appropriate personal protective equipment. It shall regularly ensure the effectiveness of the measures implemented.

7. Prohibition of Discrimination

Ready Pac respects cultural and individual differences, and believes the discrimination should not be tolerated. Suppliers are expected to maintain a discrimination-free workplace and to employ legally-eligible workers based upon their abilities, and should not discriminated, directly or indirectly, on their race, color, sex, pregnancy status, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, political opinions, religion, age, disability, social origin, national origin or any other characteristics unrelated to an individual’s ability to perform the work required by the job.

8. Prohibition of Harassment

Supplier undertakes to protect employees from any form of harassment, intimidation or victimization, whether physical, psychological or sexual.

9. Environment

Ready Pac seeks Suppliers that operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and work to minimize their use of natural resources and any negative impact their operations have on the environment. Supplier undertakes to comply with the environmental laws and standards applicable in the countries in which it operates, particularly for the manufacture of the product(s) that it provides.

10. Animal Welfare

When applicable, Ready Pac believes in the humane treatment of animals and expect Suppliers engage in practices that promote the welfare of animals, consistent with all applicable laws and industry guidelines.

11. Competition Law

Supplier undertakes to comply with competition law regulations and prohibits any practice resulting in an obstacle to free competition. Supplier will not engage in any collusive bidding, price fixing, price discrimination or other unfair trade practices in violation of fair competition laws or antitrust laws that govern the jurisdiction in which Supplier conducts business.

12. Confidentiality, Data and Intellectual Property

12.1. Supplier undertakes to respect the confidentiality, integrity and security of confidential information received from employees of the Ready Pac and/or stakeholders, and not to divert it from its initial use by appropriating it or making it available to a third party.

12.2. Supplier shall comply with the laws and regulations applicable to it in relation to personal data protection.

12.3. Supplier shall comply with laws and regulations relating to the prevention of insider trading and shall abstain from selling or buying, directly or indirectly, Ready Pac securities or related financial instruments, on the basis of inside information.

12.4. Supplier shall respect the intellectual property rights of the Ready Pac.

13. Combating Corruption and Other Breaches of Probity

13.1. Supplier undertakes to combat corruption and influence peddling in its organization and shall take appropriate measures to prevent risks.

13.2. Ready Pac does not allow any exchange of favors, money, or gifts with our team members with the intent to influence business decisions. Supplier shall comply with all applicable legal requirements, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

13.3. Supplier shall comply with the applicable conflict of interest laws and regulations and shall endeavor to prevent risk situations in connection with its relationship with Ready Pac. Supplier will disclose to Ready Pac any situation that may appear to be a conflict of interest, and disclose to Ready Pac if any employee or family member of Ready Pac may have an interest of any kind in Supplier’s business or any economic ties to Supplier.


Supplier shall take the necessary steps to identify actual and potential risks of corruption, human rights violations, fundamental rights violations, personal health and safety violations, as well as environmental damage, within its sites.


Ready Pac reserves the right to assess and/or monitor compliance with this Code, where applicable through a third party, and in any way (on-site inspections, questionnaires, interviews, etc.)

Supplier undertakes to provide all necessary information and facilitate access to information to Ready Pac representatives, in compliance with competition and confidentiality law.Supplier undertakes to improve or correct any identified deficiencies.


The Bonduelle Group has put in place a professional alert system to report any behavior that does not comply with the Ethics Charter, the Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Practices and this Code, in particular, behaviors that may be described as acts of corruption or influence peddling, human rights violations, violations of fundamental freedoms, violations of human health and safety rights, and environmental violations.

This alert system is open to Ready Pac employees and all Ready Pac stakeholders, including Suppliers, and is accessible via the following address:

VII. Supplier Diversity

Ready Pac recognizes that doing business with diverse suppliers enhances its product offerings, while helping to grow the communities we serve.

We invite vendors and suppliers who meet certain criteria to join Supplier Diversity Initiative and to provide certification documents. We will collect information regarding the vendor and supplier’s qualifications for an audit from time to time.