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Production Jobs

Bonduelle operates 17 manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and Canada, which produce a variety of vegetable-based products for stores and restaurants throughout North America.

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Our Fresh Facilities

The more than 3,200 Associates in our four fresh manufacturing facilities in California, New Jersey and Georgia provide our ready-to-eat, healthy, delicious salads and snacks for retailers and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. At each of these facilities, our Production Associates work in our warehouses moving raw ingredients and loading finished products on trucks, and on the production lines, making and inspecting our products to ensure the highest quality for consumers. At all levels of our operation, from front line manager to vice president of operations, we look for people who are reliable, team-oriented, open to learning new skills, and ready to contribute to having fun every day.


The Machine Operator is a key role within the plant and ensures the production equipment is running correctly and efficiently. These Associates impact line efficiencies by increasing production, reducing rework and minimizing downtime.


This key position in our production room supports our team leads as they drive production to the highest safety, quality and efficiency standards. These Associates can perform any of the following roles within the room: packer, filler, stacker, box labeler or inspector.


These Associates work on the Sanitation team and are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing production equipment, floors, walls and other areas of the facility, helping ensure the safety of our products and our Associates.

Our Frozen & Canned Facilities

Bonduelle operates five frozen facilities, with nearly 500 Associates in New York, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Our teams transform fresh vegetables into frozen ready-to-use, plant-based products, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. Want to join the team? Read below for the opportunities available to you in these locations.

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Working in production or packaging, these Associates are called upon to ensure that equipment is functional, to proceed with machine shutdown when applicable and to keep the work environment clean.


These Associates are responsible for repair and maintaining machinery and equipment and locating breakdowns of electric and mechanical motors.


These Associates may operate machinery and pack and stack boxes on a packaging line based on packaging needs.